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Texas Stainless

Exclusive stocking distributor for fully certified centrifugal castings from a world-class foundry. 


Less machining, less time, less cost…

Centrifugal castings are an ideal alternative to bar stock for your ring and sleeve requirements. Why bore out all that material when you can start with an inside diameter already in it?


Vast alloy selection…

In addition to common stainless alloys, Texas Stainless stocks Delta production remnants of many specialty grades in a variety of sizes.


Buy only what you need…

Our saw shop is ready to cut what you need from longer lengths in stock. If you need further processing, our access to Delta allows heat treating, machining and mechanical testing.


No requirement too big or too small.

To take care of your immediate needs, Texas Stainless stocks a complete line of common alloys in a wide variety of sizes. Most casting material is produced by Delta Centrifugal and stocked in our yard at our central Texas facility.
If your job is better suited for a production run, Delta will step in to provide a quote.
We have you covered when it comes to centrifugally cast material.

Current Inventory

We’ve been providing centrifugal castings for over 40 years.

Fulfilling customer needs is a desire we bring to work every day.
Give us a call and put our experience to work for you.